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A71 5G Hardware failure

(Topic created on: 3/3/21 3:50 PM)
Cosmic Ray
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My Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Hardware failed after the new android 11 update. I called my phone carrier and they had me call the people who process the claim. Long story short, both my phone carrier and the claim people could not figure it out. I did also call Samsung and they had me call into a company that they use to fix their devices. The company said that they can't fix my phone and that I needed to call Samsung. I already knew what Samsung was going to say, because I call them about my S8 messing up. Samsung wanted me to surrender my phone while they fix it, and maybe after 6 months I would get my phone back. Let me break this down for you, I need my phone because my doctors would not be able to call me right away if they needed to get in touch with me. I have 4th stage kidney failure, and I am hoping to get a new kidney. But my prospects with dealing with Samsung means possible death for me if my doctor can't get in touch with me as soon as possible 
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I stopped getting 5g after android 11 update.  Reported to Verizon and haven't heard back.  Why don't they have us try going back to android 10 to see if that fixes?