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A71 5G complaints

(Topic created: 10-18-2021 05:29 PM)
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Hello. I thought this phone would be an upgrade considering I updated from a Note 9 while certain specs were would be sacrificed.

Carrier: T-Mobile

1. Why do I get an error saying that network cannot be found? It seems that 5G was not as good I thought but it might just be the phone that has alot to be desired. I feel like 5G is a let down and want to revert to 4G for a couple of days to see if it's better with no error connection issues.

2. The finger print scanner hasn't gotten much better. Through updates, there has been improvements but it's still noticeable how crappy it is. I have issues at least every 2 days.

3. This phone let me down BIG time in Mexico. Where I was staying, this phone would not get any signal at all. I mean 0. And that's with a signal amplifier. Even crappier and cheaper phones from Mexico worked better because of that amplifier from the U.S. I could only get signal in the big city properly like any other city in the U.S.
4. The charger the phone came with is USB C on both sides and luckily I use the one from note to continue normal function but thats awful if you wanted to travel and you need to get a power bank that is compatible for this cable.

For the price this phone costs, most of these issues should not exist! The specs should keep up with the Note 9 considering the cam quality is upgraded as well as Ram minus Samsung Pay, double speaker, stylus, other miniscule yet useful options on UI and no wireless charging.

I didnt have any of these silly issues with the Note 9. Only reason I changed is because the Note has a cracked screen and LCD with lines. And is a pain to wake it up. Sometimes I have to attempt 20x because it just doesn't turn on. Otherwise I woulda kept using until the phone could literally not turn on at all. 

Please advise of why this phone is an overpriced letdown. I bought Samsung, not IPHONE!!

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3. Frequencies/carriers/cell tower (data bacbone) are different in different country. Find out from T-Mobile which service/carrier they partner with in Mexico and manually select that carrier as your default network provider. The frequency supported in the US is not necessarily the same for Mexico (or anywhere else in the world) on a certain carrier.
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Please contact T-Mobile regarding network issues