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A71 Won't charge

Excuse me. My name is Matthew from Bandung. I Have A Samsung A71  Which I Have Owned For 9 Months. Starting from yesterday, I can still charge my cellphone as usual, but after I played for a few hours, then I wanted to charge it again, my cellphone didn't charge. I tried the A71 charger on another cellphone and it still works. Then it's not the fault of the charger cable. So Long Waiting For My A71 Is Out Of Battery. I already thought that i should take it to a repairman. Then at night I power off my cellphone when it's 2% and charge it for 10-20 minutes. I tried again to open the cellphone and it turned out that there were 83% writing. I tried to turn on the cellphone and the cellphone was on. I tried not to charge my cellphone after that, until now my cellphone is still 75%. When I thought it was right, I tried to charge my cellphone again, but it didn't charge like the beginning again. That's My Issue. Thanks for reading. 



It's been A week with no issue so far until today where it happened again. I used the Ampere application and it just says discharging despite my phone not being charged. Even if I charged it,it will still remain in discharging. Can someone help me with this issue?


Re: A71 Won't charge

Try soft rebooting the phone by holding down the down volume and power button.