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About quality/size option of photos in Galaxy F22

(Topic created: 10-04-2021 04:56 AM)
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Hi there.

I recently bought a Galaxy F22 phone, I had previously used Redmi. I bought the lesser storage version (64 GB), and I like to capture photos.  

Due to less storage,  I generally want to keep photos less in size(MB). In Redmi I used 'picture quality' setting which kept picture size as low as 2 MB without much reduction in quality.  But in Samsung I don't find such a setting/option.  I don't want my every pictures of size around 3-4 MB. I used the 'HEVC format' option but don't find it much convenient. 

Is there a way in Samsung(Galaxy F22) to capture photos less in size(1-2MB) like that of Redmi?? 

Hoping for you guys' help. Thank you 

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@kctabanjade43 This discussion area is for US products. Therefore I don't think that you are going to get any help with that phone here. I suggest find a discussion area focused on India and asking your question there.