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After doing a hard rest, my theme disappeared from My Stuff on the Galaxy Theme store and now cost $

Had the phone Galaxy A20 for about 3 days now, and I freaking love it!


Bit of a silly post probably, but during my attempt to get my Adaptive Brightness setting back (apparently it's been removed until the next update, which I didn't know before doing the reset, suggested by support) I had a theme that I really liked, which I had downloaded for free called Summer Rain (check it out!)


But after doing the hard reset and using Samsung Smart Switch to restore my data, i noticed my that my theme didn't restore. So i went to the theme store to, and to My Stuff to reapply it but BEHOLD, it was gone! Going to the themes and searching for it revealed that it now cost $2.


I contacted support (who are really great and patient folks) they suggested that I sign out of my samsung account, remove it from the phone (which i did) but to no avail. I signed back in and the theme didn't return.  Seems odd to have to have an account to use the Galaxy theme store, and to have a My Stuff page, when "my stuff" doesn't actually get saved, or can be removed.



Just wanted to put this out there in case this was glitch that when authors begin charging for their themes that they seem to be automatically removed from people who already had them after doing a hard reset.