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Android 10 messed up my galaxy A6

I recently updated my galaxy A6 to android 10 and everything seems fine except the videos from like facebook or streams from twitch the part of the screen where the video is green. I tried changing screen mode but it didnt work.

Here is a screenshot from twitchScreenshot_20200522-234517_Twitch.jpg

Edit: i checked with qualities and seems like 360p and lower works fine but 480p and higher is green on twitch 

Youtube seems to work fine for the time being


Re: Android 10 messed up my galaxy A6

Dear Samsung, 

Please stop copying the template texts and report the problem to the manufacturer as there are plenty of users having the exact same issue, as well as I do on my Galaxy J6 2018 device as well.

I've tried reinstall my OS on my phone, and even that did not resolved the issue, IT IS A 100% Software side issue, that HAS TO BE RESOLVED by the DEVELOPERS. 


NO, NOT BY CLEARING CACHE, NOT BE REINSTALLING THE PHONE, BY THE DEVELOPERS THEMSELVES. This is not a hardware related issue, this is purely a software-side bug, a possibly video-codec issue (im not an mobile OS Expert, but probably something like that).


ITS BEEN 3+ WEEKS Since my phone is in this status, this is unacceptable from a company like Samsung.


Report the issue to the devs, and stop ctrl-c ctrl-v-ing these template texts for god's sake.