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Android 11 file copying bug when transferring files from Windows to Samsung Galaxy A70 phone

(Topic created: 08-26-2021 03:58 PM)
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Ever since the update to Android 11, I've had to deal with a bug in transferring files from a Windows PC running Windows 10 to my Samsung Galaxy A70 phone. Basically when copying a folder (or folders) containing a dozen or more files, not all files will copy to my A70 - for example, out of 12 MP3 files within a single folder, files #4 and #8 will be skipped over (as announced by a Windows 10 ping sound when a file isn't copied to the destination device or folder), while the rest of the files are copied without a problem - this happens irrespective of the file type (FLAC, JPG, Docx, PDF, Epub etc.) when copying more than one file. I've recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4" tablet and promptly updated it to Android 11, and noticed the very same problem with copying files as just described above with my A70 phone, so this seems to be a common Android 11 bug on Samsung Galaxy devices. I'll also note that I didn't have such problems on Android 10, and all files always copied from Windows to my A70 without a hitch, so this is definitely a post-Android 11 update bug. My question to you is this: have any of you also encountered this bug? Is there any solution for it? If there isn't one, how can we alert the Samsung One UI device to it so they can patch it up with the next software update? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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