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Android 9 Location Service

Running a 3 day old Galaxy A50 (08/15/19).  The fact that Samsung decribes location services so poorly in the manual is a testament to how badly Google messed this up in Pie.  Oh, have no doubt that I'm doing my best to shame both companies (seems like the best way to straighten this out).  I mean, the manual doesn't even say exactly what turning location serice on does.  Is it the actual switch for turning on/off all satelite functions?  Then there's the wonderful language employed in the "Improve Accuracy" section.  To quote, "Let's apps use wifi for more accurate location detection, even when wifi is turned off."  This must be some type of Android magic.  Wifi works even when the wifi radio is off.  What I want is a phone that does wifi location without the power sucking gps turned on.  And please, be explicit about how to get it.

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Re: Android 9 Location Service

Location accuracy can rely on scanning, which exists in two forms thanks to certain APIs ushered in with sdk26, as well as characteristics of BT and WiFi. 


How these two facilitate location services is not explained in depth to users; however, developers have sufficient access to documentation. In fact, Google has a lot of resources as far as their API calls are concerned. 


In Oreo users had multiple ways to access location, including a battery saving, high accuracy,  and device only (GPS chip). The 1st option was basically split into WiFi/BT scanning and accuracy on Pie. High accuracy doesn't exist on Pie, but it's the equivalent of enabling scanning, location, and location accuracy.  

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