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Android File Transfer don't work with Samsung A52 with my MacBook pro

(Topic created: 11-30-2021 03:25 PM)
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I cannot use Android File Transfer to make a USB link between my brand new Samsung Galaxy A52 and my MacBook Pro on macOS 10.9.

When I plug the USB of my Galaxy on my MacBook, I click on the Galaxy that I accept to give access to data for my MacBook, then Android File Transfer launch, but always display an error message.

The USB link looks right : Galaxy is charging its battery from the MacBook, and when I launch the Apple Image transfer on the MacBook it can download Galaxy pictures. As you can see on the screenshot, I get errors with "Android File Transfer" and in background the Apple image transfert works fine. I have disconnected antivirus, FireWall, Little Snitch. Still don't work... Android File Transfer is the last version. It seems that MTP don't work on my MacBook, but PTP works fine.

On another MacBook Pro, with my same Galaxy A52 Android File Transfer works fine. So I don't think the problem is on the Galaxy A52.

Do you see what is the problem ?

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Cosmic Ray
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Try upgrading the macbook to a later version of macos and then update the android file transfer program.