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Android Samsung A02 troubleshooting

(Topic created: 05-13-2022 09:51 AM)
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I just got this phone maybe 6-8 months ago. I can be looking at something/anything on my phone and it will close out and go to the home lock screen and even then take a minute to show my apps. But what I qas looking at is gone, so? I have tried the whole restart, I'm up-to-date on the updates. It won't ring sometimes, the only way I know somebody even called is a voicemail, and I'll go ahead say nope it's not the service because I'm in the same spot when it happens. Anyway too many complaints, but I can't afford a fancy high dollar phone. But Yo I just got this phone like 6 months ago 

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Cosmic Ray
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The galaxy A02 is a great phon, but It's a slow phone. Not to criticize you, and it's still a good phone for the money. But the one area it lacks most, is the performance.

You can buy a used phone from eBay. I just bought a galaxy S10 (a fancy phone from 3 years ago) for 200 dollars. Which I don't have thousands of bucks lying around to spend on a phone.

I think what's happening is the phone is just not keeping up.

If you open settings, the device care, and press then optimize the phone, then press memory and clear the ram, the the phone should run more smoothly.
(That will not delete anything from the phone, it's just a way of clearing out some of the background processes and lightening the load on the processor)

If it still isn't working, you can remove everything from the phone, and start new.

Hope this helps!
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You can go to TMOBILE or Boost and if you have an active account you can get a new mid range phone for free. I paid 50 for 35GB/month and a 20 dollar activation fee and walked out with an A32 5G and my old phone. They have iPhone and other Android Models as well.