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Assurant through T-Mobile

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This post is probably going to be erased.

But for T-Mobile customers who have p360, if you have a samsung with a cracked screen or damaged back glass, you can file a claim for a screen repair or device replacement. There has to be physical damage in order to file a claim.

If it's a mechanical issue or software issue, we can do a warranty exchange through T-Mobile directly, but keep in mind Assurant does not have the same access to T-Mobiles systems as the T-Mobile employees (Assurant and T-Mobile are two different companies). After the fiasco with Sprint, T-Mobile is trying to mitigate the risk of customer's information being sold. With that being said, I dont feel it's fair to blame the new set of technicians that had nothing to do with the problem, especially coming from different repair companies. 
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