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Bad Sportsmanship towards Military Veterans

I was looking for a discount for veteran military members and it was all over the internet about their special up to 40% off for veterans.  However, they lie and do not support Veteran Military members.  It appears that you need a .mil address in which veterans do not have.  Only active members of the Active Duty, Reserve and Guard can hold a .mil address.  No offense to those who have just enrolled or been in a few years, but I'm kind of upset that they do not use ID.ME or anything like this to verify a military veteran.  It appears they are throwing the word Veteran around along with this discount and they do not even know what a veteran is.  I even hopped on the chat to concern my frustration and they said the only way for them to offer a promo code was with a .mil address.  I told them how I felt and how I thought that it was disrespectful to offer good deals to those serving and just forget about the ones who've served for so many years and sacrified their lives, relationships with family members, impacting their families lives and everything we do for this country.  It is just shameful.  I told these people I was going to let others know that they lie in their verbage.  I'm not an apple fan but I'll be shoping with Google or others from now on.  I can't trust a lieing company!