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Bluetooth not finding other devices after android 9 upgrade

I have a Samsung A6 phone that got  recent upgrade. I have a Panasonic-DECT phone in the living room that connects to it and I can pick up the A6 so I don't have to carry it around the house and I use it as a trusted device on the smart lock screen. That is until the latest Android update. It no longer connected and when I unpaired and tried to pair again, it didn't even see it. After many hours, this appears to be common among many phones, not just Samsung. I came across one posting that said to get into the developer option and change the AVRP setting except no idea how to get into the developer mode or find the AVRP setting. More hunting. Found how to get into the developer mode here:


Then, how to find AVRP here:


I used 1.3. Turned off developer mode and rebooted and presto! I could see and pair with my Panasonic-DECT again!