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Bluetooth sound extremely low on everything except phone calls, Galaxy A13

(Topic created: 07-31-2022 09:17 AM)
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I got a Samsung Galaxy A13.

I have an issue than suddenly occured where the volume on my blutetooth earbuds is extremely low. When outside I can barely hear when it's on full volume. If inside in silent location I can hear it ok, but it's still low, and waaay lower than it used to be.

This goes for:
Listening to music with "Samsung Music"
Watching youtube videos, snapchat videos and watching videos on websites with browser.

It's only when I call with my phone the the volume is normal and loud.

Anyone know's why and any fix? Because it must be the phone and not the earbuds when it working good on calls, when connected to my PC etc.

And I've checked "sounds and settings" to make sure the volume got no limitations and is set to full.

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