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Caller ID and spm protection

Hello Samsung .

I am just wondering why the device  (galaxy A51)

Not have Caller ID and spm protection setting .

However  in system  apps there  ar app name (hiya service)... why its not activated what are you waiting for?

Another phone like Nokia have this service from long time ago and in all the world. 20200919_194120.jpg

Hope samsung will active this option  in the next 10 years 


Re: Caller ID and spm protection

I have a Note10+ using latest updates. Drod Operating Systen has been updated, all software eligible updated as well. Best as I can tell, software - HIYA & OTHERS, Working either a conjunction with or separately individually have a conflict in the South where code abilities to even exist so it would sing on the same platform referencing i.e. Software like AVAST. This software is a complete software if one chooses to have that offers a VPN service of our service AM hour service and also has you capabilities to not track one's phone it's cetera exedra there's other software that Samsung recommends or has in their app store did you may download as well but for some reason want you download more than 1 or 2 of these particular apps it seems these software programs will not work together in concert or individually or on a platform together.