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Calls breaking up due to noise reduction

Hi. just bought the samsung a71 and a have a problem with the noise reduction (cancelation) when calling. When i call, most of the time i have to wisper. But the noise reduction is so agressive that the voice breakes down, it starts hearing in the middle of the word, or the noise reduction intervines in the middle of the sentence if i dont wisper loud enough.
I had a j5 before and it did not do this. Yes, the background noise (hiss, white noise) was a lot louder, but you could hear me fluently and there was no breeaking up.

This is hapening both with the phone microfone and with the headphones microfon ( both in skype and normal call). 
Can't seem to find a way to turn of noise reduction like you could on older models.

This is kind of a deal breaked, so i might return the phone.
Any solutions?