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Camera performance concern after last update Samsung A34

(Topic created: 02-08-2024 02:19 AM)
mohamed ashrf
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Hello, I'm a34 user and i don't know if that problem only faces me or not but i maybe notice that after the last update (A346EXXS5BXA3) for a34 the camera performance has become bad i don't know if that right or it's just my imagination i want to know if anyone has really faced something like that or it's just that environment light issue, please inform me bellow in comments.

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Yes. I agree. The camera of this phone has always been like this ever since i bought it. i think there's was no much improvements over it's predecessor. There's always a yellow tint to all my photo's and videos. No natural colors. Also the screen hurts my eyes because of this! I want to refund this device so bad and perhaps get an iPhone or Xiaomi. But I still wait maybe , Samsung fix this problem with an update. Samsung please fix this PROBLEM!