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CameraLightSensor battery usage Galaxy A32 5G

(Topic created: 06-27-2021 06:21 AM)
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I am using a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. In my battery usage, every day the CameraLightSensor is using the most battery. I have heard that on some phones this is the sensor for auto brightness, but I have auto brightness turned off. I have tried clearing the app's cache, apps data, and force stop, but nothing seems to work to stop the battery drain. Why is this sensor being used so much even when I don't have auto brightness turned on and how do I stop the battery drain?

Update: After the latest software update with the August 2021 security patch CameraLightSensor has been using much less battery, only around 0.1% with auto brightness turned on. So hopefully that bug has been fixed.
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XCover Pro, doing this for the last few weeks, also tried everything, no luck.

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