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Can we ask samsung to please give us Haptic Feedback and long press shortcut for multi window ?

Dear samsung,


I am a big big fan of your mobile devices, but my recent purchase has me craving for two things straight. 

1 - There is no haptic feedback on my M51 but A71 has it. They were both the same price in India and I would have gotten the A71 if I had know this issue. I got the M51 since it is newer and the battery is amazing. 


2 - Almost everyone  in the industry is supporting the long press Recent Apps button for multi window shortcut. Can't  that be a part of the One UI.


3 - I really feel sad that a device like M51 gets a stripped down version on One UI whereas A71 has more features. Just because this particular device falls under the M category  of phones ? 


Please Samsung PLEASE address these things in your upcoming updates for the M51.  Rest is all amazing on this phone. Especially  the camera which is wayyyyy better than A71. 



Big Fan