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Contacts Listed Under Other in Notifications of Message Settings for Galaxy A52

(Topic created: 12-04-2022 11:49 AM)
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Hi I'm new here and looking for some guidance. Not sure how it happened, but there is an entry with two contact names listed under the "Other" section of the Notifications menu of Messages and I can't seem to remove this new notification category. The phone is new and a group message from 'Tu' and 'La' was one of the first messages I received on this Galaxy A52 so I must have clicked something.

I do want to note, there was a solution posted in the Galaxy S Phones that I already tried (delete conversation and then text the group back, also tried to backup the messages to Samsung cloud, delete, and restore it). This solution didn't work and I see that this other person had a contact name listed in "Categories" whereas my contact names are listed under "Other" so not sure if that makes a difference.

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I've been having this problem for weeks, and it was driving me crazy lol thank you for the solution