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Data restore Galaxy J7 2016 black screen locked phone


Two days ago my phone gone black and stopped working properly (it is turning on and off, although due to lack of reaction from touchscreen and black screen I cannot see and do anything on it). I want to restore data from it, although I did not do the debugging USB earlier, so when I am connecting phone to the PC it is seen only as a device, where there are no files nor folders. Unfortunately I did not also register my phone in the Samsung services (so I cannot unlock it remotly). I tried few programs for data restoration (dr.fone - my device is not supported, Kies - system not old enough to be supported, Smart Switch - device locked so I cannot do anythng) but none of them helped. The lock on my phone was only swiping (without password or swiping pattern), although even this makes it unable to connect to the Smart Switch, which gives feedback concerning need for unlocking the phone (which is impossible due to black screen and no reaction from touchscreen).

Is there any solution, which will not include paying large amount of money, for transfering data to PC under such circumstances?

I will be gratefull for any help.

Best regards,


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Data restore Galaxy J7 2016 black screen locked phone

Unfortunately, if the information was not backed up and Smart Switch is unable to connect, there aren't any other options from Samsung.


You can try logging into your Google account online to see if you can force a sync but it may be limited without access to the screen.