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Do Not Disturb Notification S10E

Galaxy S10e updated, I believe it was update 14, just after midnight on the 8th of April. I noticed that when the phone turned back on, a notification for 'Do Not Disturb' mode was on and active. [I had it set to go on a schedule, around when I sleep and it's reasonable to not expect a call.]


I thought the update had just reset my preference for the notification, so I went to its page in settings, and nope! There is no option to turn it off under 'System UI', nor can I switch it to 'Silent' mode, so it's at least minimized and won't show an icon when doing other things.


For me, having a notification that is impossible to remove short of just turning that feature off is extremely infuriating. I am one of those people that can't stand having a single notification left, unless I purposefully leave it there, keeping my virtual space 'clean', so to speak. Samsung, PLEASE revert this change or a workaround or something, or I'm going to have to find a way to get this notificaiton off while still using the feature, because this is ridiculous.


This is MY phone, and to have someone force me with what I can and cannot change, especially when it's something like a feature I have enabled /every single night/ is beyond stupid. I get that some people need the reminder, especially if it's not consistent, but give the people who can actually navigate their phone's background change a few things for their own sanity.


Until then, DND is being turned off, because I am getting way too enraged when I look at my phone to resist throwing it.