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Does the Galaxy a51 have SmartView?

(Topic created on: 5/26/21 6:34 PM)
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I bought a Galaxy a21 in January. It does not have smartview to connect to my Samsung TV which is ridiculous. And I can't just use the same wifi connection and chromecast etc because where I live has no internet service provider. So basically as far as I understand it I am out of luck with the a21.


So I am finally looking into getting a different device that has SmartView. Does the a51 have SmartView? Some are saying it does but for some reason I am not sure and can not find a clear answer. Also what about the a71 as well?

I can't believe I have a Samsung TV and a Samsung phone and can't screen mirror using Smart View, which worked so simply. It almost makes me want to just switch to apple as I hear they can screen mirror very easily. 

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