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Draft Notification in Messages App

(Topic created: 08-09-2022 10:07 PM)
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I am getting a draft notification in messaging app next to one particular persons name, that I cannot get rid of

There is no text there to delete

I have read the thread below, but the solution does not work:


Steps performed:

1) Nothing in "Draft" to delete. Backed up messages. Deleted whole message history for contact. Then restored messages. Fixed the problem, until I sent a message. Problem returned

2) Did force stop on messages app. Cleared cache. Restarted the phone in safe mode. Still nothing in draft to delete. Problem persists

3) Deleted all messages from contact. Deleted phone number. Re-added phone number and started a new new message chain. Problem persists

4) Deleted the contact completed. Synced contacts, so that contact no longer exists in online contacts. Deleted message thread for number, so there is no trace of the contact, or messages on the phone any more. Re-added number as new contact and started a new message thread. Problem persists

The problem is localised to one contact/phone number

Even after I have purged it from the phone, the problem somehow still remains

Help please. This is driving me nuts

Phone: SM-A725F/DS

Android 12





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Following. I have the same issue.
Other Mobile Devices
I also have this problem after texting just before I went to sleep. Now first thing this morning it says I have message blocking on and I have done.nothing to change anything g.