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File missing after downloading Samsung applications and now security certificates are gone

(Topic created: 08-01-2021 05:12 PM)
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Last two 3 updates ruined everything. Samsung and Verizon are useless. Both told me to reset settings. There's 3 apps to reset including factory reset. I downloaded an an called The Voice Recording Application on Google Play Store because July 6th I had to testify for a hearing. It was recorded and allowed by me. Now the opposing council lied. The testimony of him went to Workers Compensation and I have no recourse. Thursday I found it backed up on Google drive along with two other test recordings. This morning I called Samsung because I couldn't find it in drive after allowing some Samsung Applications to download. Last night my security certificates were gone. Updates said they were current and all updated how there were no security patches for anything Google Samsung or Verizon. Freaked me out! First thing this morning I called Samsung. Some girl made told me to turn on Smart Tutor. Told her I needed that Application desperately. She then told me we were gold to do Safe Mode so she could adjust my phone. Guess what? No text or phone called after she told me to press Safe Mode. Are you sure, I said? You have to send me a text or call me back. Yes she said she would. Restarts in Safe mode NO Call no text. I call back. A guy undoes Safe Mode. Says someone will call me back. It's 8 pm no call back. So many calls to them and Verizon. Both want me to just buy a new phone when 14 months I paid cash for it. Un freakinging believable.
So done with Samsung everything and will put it all over social media and my employer

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