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Galaxy A series Europe/Global vs country specific, any quality differences?

(Topic created: 08-24-2021 12:58 PM)
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I bought a Samsung Galaxy A52 128GB/8GB (SM-A525F/DS) (SM-A525FZBHTHL), I know there are several models with different ROM and RAM (I think there are about 15 models including the 5G models).

I was wondering are there any quality differences between the one I bought (I think it's meant to be sold in Thailand) and the European/Global models, other than the difference in the ROM and RAM and included apps in the stock firmware?

Plus, when I bought the phone it was in a box without a warranty seal, the seal is not broken or removed as there is no trace of it but completely absent, and once booted to the system I found some apps have used some cellular and Wi-Fi data even before I connected it to my Wi-Fi or inserting my SIM card.

Why are there many models in the same category of phones?

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