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Galaxy A01 needs the option to add external storage

(Topic created on: 2/26/21 2:21 PM)
Dennis K Paulsen
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Dear Samsung,

Why have you removed the ability to use an SD card as internal storage, on devices such as a Galaxy A01.    We need MORE space on the A01 to make it usable for more than just email and web browing, and maybe 4 games.     That's all it seems to have room for....

There is NO known good reason to do so...   There are several other threads with the same problem, where you also seem to have locked down the ability for customers to reply....   SMH

Clearly, you must be making customers upgrade to more expensive devices to use this internal storage option.

This isn't right ethically, and maybe l***lly.

Please restore this ability in the next Galaxy A01 update; which you're going to do right, I hope....

Otherwise you will lose this customer....



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