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Galaxy A10e not receiving call when close to caller

(Topic created: 07-27-2021 07:33 AM)
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My Galaxy A10e got a new SIM card recently and since then, when I am in my doctor's parking lot and my doctor calls me to say to come into office, their call goes straight to voicemail.    BUT, when I am at home, I am able to receive their calls.  So when I am close to them, no ring - when at home several miles away, works fine.  This seems to be the only number so far that has this problem, but, to be honest, I do not use the phone that much.  I have asked co-workers to call me and tried all 5 lines at my office, and all calls were received while standing less then 10 feet away.

Carrier (US Mobile) says signal strength is OK at doctor's location.

This issue started after the new SIM card was activated. The old SIM card worked fine until it crashed.

Any thoughts?

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Red Giant
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could be a network issue at the parking lot.. i'd contact the carrier and see 

or your new SIM could be the culprit