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Galaxy A10e storage problem

(Topic created on: 2/24/21 7:39 AM)
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I keep getting a message that "too many files have been creaed on your phone. Apps may stop working correctly and your phone may no longer start up. Back up any important data and factory reset your phone." I have purchased a 512 SD card and it has been put in my phone. Multiple times a day I go into device care and copy all files in internal storage to the SD disk. I have no idea what these files are and check the box that says save file under different name. I have deleted all but one picture off of my phone. It says I have 25.5 GB used in internal storage and 6.5gb left. I lost my mom in April and don't want to lose the messages I have from her, so I am trying to avoid factory resetting the phone. I am no longer receiving all text messages, can't open pictures or videos. I am beyond frustrated. No one can help me at the stores. They all tell me something different. They told me to buy the storage, but evidently not everything is getting put on there. I have only had this phone a little over a year. I am not getting a new phone. Please help!

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