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Galaxy A11 Prepaid: Contact List Doesn't Let Me Open a Contact

Hello.  I just got a Samsung Galaxy A11 Verizon Prepaid phone today.  I've been installing apps and customizing it, and so far, so good, except for two problems.  One is more important than the other, so I'll focus on the more serious issue.


I imported my contacts from a .vcf file that was on a SD card that I installed in the phone.  The contacts seem to have been imported all right, even with the contact photos.  


However, there's a serious problem I can't figure out how to solve.  Whenever I select a contact, it doesn't open.  It doesn't open at all.  Instead, I get a check mark where the icon was.  At the bottom of the screen are options for Share, and for Delete.  I can't get into any of my contacts.


I was hoping someone could help me solve this problem.  Why am I unable to open any of the contacts?  Did I import the contacts incorrectly?  


If you need more information, please let me know.  Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


J. Danniel