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Galaxy A20 not working via USB

(Topic created: 07-18-2021 04:03 PM)
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I do not know exactly how long that this has been happening, but a few months ago I tried to access my phone with USB from my computer to move some photos and was unable to connect to phone. It wasn't a pressing issue so I just assumed I had the wrong kind of cable and never pursued it further. Then fast-forward to two weeks ago and I get a new KIA vehicle with android auto. I can blue tooth with my radio to use voice dialing and built in speaker/mic, but in order to show maps on the screen they said I need to connect with USB. So I buy a brand new data cable thinking maybe my cables are all charge only cables, bit still nothing. Then I get my son to hook his newer Galaxy up and it recognizes his just fine. So I know cable is good. I go home and research for fixes. I tried USB debug mode and changing to "Transfer Files/Android Auto" as default mode but nothing. When I plug my phone into my computer I do get the bepop sound for device connection, but if I look under devices in windows settings it shows a drive error "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)". I even did "wipe data/factory reset" on my phone and still the same issues. Is this  hardware error? If so it rather irks me since I have not have this phone that long and I don't actually use it that much since I work inside a prison where I cannot carry it. Its never been dropped or been wet. I even leave it at home when I go to work most days so it wont get super hot in the  car and ruin the battery.  Everything else seems to work - calling and texting, as well as browsers, Facebook, or any other apps seem to work fine. The blue tooth connection to car does fine including voice commands. Just the wired connection wont work, which I need if I want to utilize my nice big display for maps and directions. I am really not ready to buy another phone les than two years after I bought this one.  My wife, so and I all went over the Galaxy phones, but I really think my knockoff BLU phones I used to own were  more reliable than the Galaxy phones we have owned thus far. Please let me know if there may be a solution to this.

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i'd take it to nearest service center; ubreakifix or samsung care store

or submit an error report on samsung members app > + button > error report if you think it's a software issue