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Galaxy A20

Since day one of upgrading from A10 to the A20 the phone does something I've never heard of happening to anyone so far. I can call or be called ( either way ) , and in middle of conversation I hear ringing all of a sudden. The phone places whoever I am talking with on hold by itself, then REDIALS that same person. It will NOT allow me to un-hold them and person I was speaking with hears nothing just dropped call. I have to hang up and call them back. It happens SEVERAL times per call. Talk about frustrating! I have taken it in and diagnostics ran, shows everything is good. I've reset. Cleared storage...doesnt matter. I am PAYING monthly for this phone, yet NOONE that I've called or gone to at boost helps. Kinda as an "oh well" attitude. Now...I've called samsung and got nowhere they just troubleshoot it which for gods sake I've done over and over...anybody have any ideas..I'm at the point of angry and feel it's wrong to pay for a phone that does what it wants when it wants. I NEED my phone to simply work as it should. Thank you