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Galaxy A30, Android 10 / OneUI 2.0 - Multiple software issues

Hi, 2 weeks ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy A30 (Model number SM-A305GN/DS).


It came with Android 9, but I immediately upgraded to Android 10 / OneUI 2.0 via OTA.


I booted to Android 10 and tested it for a few minutes, then I performed a factory reset from settings, to start fresh and avoid any potential issues that might occur after an OTA update.


Within the first few days I discovered the following software issues: 


1. There is no option to block calls and text messages independently, it's either both or none.


The previous Samsung devices I owned had the ability to block calls but allow text messages, or vice versa.


If this is going to be a permanent feature regression, and if we are now restricted to blocking both or none, then there should at least be an easily accessible interface to view them both in 1 place, and ideally include the ability to receive some form of notification for blocked call/sms events.


The current way to view blocked text messages is hidden too far away in the messages app, whereas blocked calls appear directly in the recents tab in the phone app, and when enabling the option to show sms in the recents tab it doesn't show blocked sms history, only calls.


2. The recent apps screen often shows the wrong thumbnail for the most recent app.


It will show the correct app icon at the top, but the thumbnail/preview image will be from one of the other 4 most recently opened apps.


Sometimes this is temporary and after a few seconds it will show the correct thumbnail preview, other times it will not show the correct thumbnail preview until the recent apps screen is closed and reopened.


3. The population/creation of new thumbnail previews in the recent apps screen is very slow for all apps.


Sometimes it will show a blank thumbnail fortthe most recent app but correct itself after a few seconds, but other times it will remain blank indefinitely until the recent apps screen is closed, the app in question is reopened, then the recent apps screen is reopened again.


4. The Samsung camera and gallery apps always have a blank thumbnail preview in the recents screen.


5. The recents screen shows a blue or black padlock for (seemingly) random apps at (seemingly) random times.


Pressing one of these padlocks to remove it has to be done twice.


If I press one of these padlocks to remove it from the app's thumbnail, then I open the recents screen again, the padlock is back again.


Then I repeat the process and the padlock is gone, but then it might randomly appear again seconds, minutes or hours later.


Also there is no explanation about what these padlock symbols mean, when and why they are designed to appear, or what the difference is between blue and black padlock.


6. Approximately 2 out of every 3 reboots, the phone is unable to automatically retrieve date and time from the network.


An error will appear shortly after boot claiming the network does not provide date/time information.


Then I open setting and re-enable automatic date and time.


Then after a few minutes the same error will appear.


Then I open setting and re-enable automatic date and time again, and then it works as expected the second time, and date/time is successfully updated from the network.


7. The search function in settings is very slow every time, even when performing the exact same search repeatedly.


Search results in setting should be cached or pre-populated, because the search results are essentially showing static information - it would only ever change in rare cases, if at all.


8. There should be an option to long-press a number when viewing a contact and copy the number directly into the dialpad, instead of having to copy the number, switch to the dialpad tab, long-press the blank space then paste the number in.


This can done from every other app I tested except not from the phone app for some reason.   The current way is not good, it takes too long and requires too many steps/touches.


9. Adaptive brightness is slightly too high in a fully dark room and is also inconsistent.  In total darkness, when the light sensor will be reporting a constant lux value of zero, it will change to about 5% brightness initially, but toggling adaptive brightness off then back on will reduce the brightness to about 3%, then repeating the process reduces brightness to about 2%, or sometimes it will go up to around 5% again.


10. The Flight Mode QuickSettings toggle takes a very long time to be enabled almost every time.


Occasionally it works instantly as expected.



Despite these issues, I'm thoroughly enjoying my Android 10 / OneUI 2.0 experience, and I look forward to seeing improvements in the future.