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Galaxy A31 Audio Video Out Of Sync

(Topic created: 09-04-2022 06:43 AM)
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Over tje past seberal weeks my A31 has started to have audio and video issues with the audio being out of sync with the video.

I watch streaming news (MSNBC CNN BBC etc) quite a bit and this issue is noticeable on all.  I notice when it is out of sync if I rotate my A31 to go from horizontal to verticle and then back again the audio video resyncs but after a few seconds it gets out of sync again.

It does not matter if I go horz to vert or vert to horz it seems that a redrawing of the screen has resynced the audio video but whatever exists in the SW to keep them in synch is either no longer in the code or is not doing it's job.  This issue started a few weeks ago and I am suggesting that something in a Samsung update has caused this.

It happens using any streaming app on my A31 but does not happen using the same network and all the same configuration at my home (TVs or Laptops) and to all the same news streaming channels whether they be via an internet browser or directly via my Bell FIBE provider.  The only difference is this out of sync audio video happens only on my A31 Samsung phone.

I am not sure what update may have caused this on the A31 Samsung but I did not have this issue a few weeks ago so I make the assumption it occurred via a Samsung update (I have auto updates being done).  I have eliminated other possible causes (network device configuration) and always come back to it just occurring on my Samsung A31.




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