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Galaxy A50 Bluetooth Low Energy scan problem

Hello, Samsung Team!

According to specification, Samsung Galaxy A50 supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) like many other previous Samsung devices.


Many different devices such as temperature sensors use BLE Advertising messages to send its data to phones. I use Samsung J5, Samsung J7 and other vendor devices to scan for BLE sensors, get data from them, etc.


When I've bought Galaxy A50 I met a problem: BLE temperature sensors of one vendor appear in BLE scan results hardly ever. I haven't any problems with Samsung J5 and J7, or other vendor devices.

I tested another Galaxy A50 device and the behavior was the same.

I used the most "agressive" Android scan mode - LOW_LATENCY with zero delay settings receiving scan results from the hardware into the application.


I made a little investigation using nRF Connect tool. These devices sends BLE Advertising messages frequently but the total duration of advertising session is ~1 sec (see the attached screenshots from Nexus 5). Every session brings new data to end user. As I know, behaviour described above corresponds Bluetooth Low-Energy standard and doesn't violate it.


So, my questions:

1) What happens with BLE scan in Samsung Galaxy A50 and why it doesn't work?

2) Will Samsung fix this behavior?


P.S.: some clients I'm working with notice same behavior with other new Samsung phones such as Galaxy S10.