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Galaxy A50 - Screen Wake-up Issue

Hi All,

I have replaced the screen (OEM) of A50 phone that was cracked. After relacement, when I turned it on the phone booted correctly and worked fine but when it went to sleep after 30 seconds (default time) of inactivity it will not wake-up even after pressing power key or tapping the screen (motion and gesture settings are correct) but the phone was internally working. When some one calls the phone it rings but screen does not light-up (it does not wake-up) and I cannot pickup the phone.

The only way to restart the device is to press volume down + power key (soft reset). I also tied to factory reset and also flashed the phone but it did not solve the problem. The volume keys works if audio or video is playing. The power key also works as it puts the phone to sleep mode after pressing it.

The only thing is not popping up is the ringer volume pop-up (slider) when I press volume up or down key to reduce or increase the ringer volume from home screen.

All othe functions are perfectly working fine if I do not let it sleep.  Please advise.

Thanks in advance.