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Galaxy A50 - heic to jpg converter needed ASAP!

(Topic created on: 12/19/20 6:32 AM)
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I purchased a Galaxy A50 because the photo quality is supposed to be excellent.  I took a lot of photos for an ebook shoot.  I was excited to see how much better they would look than photos from my previous phone camera.  When I transferred them to my desktop, I couldn't open them because they were in heic format.  I've never heard of heic.  All of my previous phones shot photos in the jpg format.  The format that everyone uses.  What's the purpose of heic when most places don't accept it?  It shouldn't be the default setting on the phone.  If I want to save space on my phone, I know how.  This isn't a clever addition.  After paying for my phone, I didn't expect to have to pay for a converter to actually look at the photos that came from the phone.


I've spent too many hours searching for an heic to jpg converter.  They all have pretty poor ratings.  The phone apps only convert 1 photo at a time.  This won't help since I have almost 700 photos.  This ebook shoot was a one time assignment, so I need those photos in jpg ASAP to go through, as the ebook is supposed to be finished and uploaded before the holidays.  I browsed through some converters in the Microsoft store and saw complaints, including poor image quality.  I chose the one with the best rating, only to find out when I tried to download it, it was infected with malware.  I hope my computer is OK.


In need some help with this!  Can anyone recommend an heic to jpg converter that converts batches of files at a time, with high image quality?  I am days behind schedule because of this.  This is urgent!

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Probably too late, but you can change this setting in Camera settings.


Look like a recommended app which can handle folders of files is Luma. https://www.guidingtech.com/convert-heic-to-jpg-android/


If you have a Mac you can use GraphicConverter https://www.lemkesoft.de/en/image-editing-slideshow-browser-batch-conversion-metadata-and-more-on-yo... it is a very good application that I have used for years.