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Galaxy A50 no audio sound and videos play fast forward

I did a system update per normal routine. The audio worked for a few minutes, but then stopped working. All audio, be it calls, media, ringtones, Duo video chat, FB Messenger video chat, etc. don't work.

Also, video plays but it is in fast forward, with no audio. The speed varies.
In Facebook, video previews in my timeline that are muted play at normal speed, but if I unmute them, they play fast forward. Weird.
Video camera also quit working, won't record.
Sometimes when I rebooted, the audio would come back, but not often. It would go away soon, though. I can't get it to come back now.
Audio is not muted.
It does the same in safe mode boot.
I tried to reboot by bootloader, but it just got stuck on the green downloading screen.
I did a software repair twice using Software Upgrade Assistant, my PC and USB cable, no change.
I even did a factory reset twice, erased everything, no change.
There are several forum posts of people who had the same issue, but no resolution.
Verizon techs sent me here, both online and in store.
I'm still paying on this phone and a software update broke it.
Please help.
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Galaxy A50 no audio sound and videos play fast forward

I would like to look into this issue further for you. Can you send me a private message using this link here? Provide the following information. 

  • Model number
  • Imei number