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Galaxy A51 no option to answer

I have to say I think the OS interface on this phone one of the worst ever. So bad I'm going back to my old Huawei when it gets a new battery. 


For some reason when I get a call on WhatsApp it rings but no option to answer appears in fact it is not even possible to tell why it is ringing. I have learned from looking at the log that it is WhatsApp.


WHY WHY WHY would any user EVER want this setting? Why would you ever want a phone to ring and it to be impossible to answer. What are the developers thinking? 


Also, sometimes when you want to switch the phone off by holding down the power button rather than switching off like every other phone in the world does it goes into Bixby. Do you have any idea how annoying this is when you are in a cinema and want to switch your phone off?  BAD BAD BAD design.


Please could you fix this OS to make this phone follow the normal rules of phones!