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Galaxy A51 restart automatically at night

(Topic created: 08-02-2021 12:33 AM)
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Hey support community, 

My phone (galaxy A51) is restarting automatically at night after I fall into sleep. I use to plug in my phone with charger when I sleep. It connect with charger at 5 hour minimum. 

I turned off auto restart system. But when  open my phone at morning I take PIN instead of finger print. That means It restart every night. 

My alarm are connected with Spotify. I Don't know is it make any problem for my phone. 

I really upset about the auto restarting. I turned off automatic restart but it restart again and again. I use to stay at Instagram call or massenger call with my girlfriend but at morning for restart the call is no mone. I'm really upset for it.

Please samsung or some kind people help me out!

Thanks a ton. 


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A couple of things you need to check. In device care, is the auto restart on? And, check if bixby routines is set to restart. If it is, turn it off.