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Galaxy A53 touchscreen too sensitive

(Topic created: 08-06-2022 09:12 AM)
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I recently switched from a Motorola to a Galaxy A53 5G.  The A53 screen is much too sensitive to motion. It does not respond to a touch if it senses any motion at all.  This makes it horribly frustrating in a moving car to navigate.  I found the touch sensitivity settings where you can set a delay for the touch to respond, but this just makes things worse, increasing the probability that it detects motion.  Is there any way to increase the number of pixels changing around the touch to require motion detected?  It is just way to sensitive, never had this problem with my Motorola.  There was a system update a couple weeks ago that helped a bit, but it only went less than a 1/4 of the way to fixing it, still a problem.



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In the settings menu there's a setting in the display category and you might want to try that. Screenshot_20220806-133858_Settings.jpg
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I AGREE COMPLETELY!  I also got an A53 a few weeks ago.  It often takes me two or three tries to make it "tap" instead of "drag".   E.g. I tap on an app icon on the home screen and find myself looking at the Notifications Panel (SwipeDown), All Apps panel (SwipeUp), or my other home screen (SwipeLeft).   In motion, like in a car, of course makes it worse.  I have tried the "touch sensitivity" setting and it doesn't affect this issue either way.

The same problem is described in this post regarding the A41 from last year. in https://eu.community.samsung.com/t5/galaxy-a-series/samsung-galaxy-a41-touchscreen-sensitivity-probl...