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Galaxy A6 Warranty Repair Scam.

I swear this warranty thing is a bait and switch. I purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy A6 5 months ago. The same day I got it, it kept saying "Roaming" on and off, and ever since then I haven't received multiple phone calls, emails, texts, etc. I'm also unable to send calls, texts, or emails unless I restart my phone about 2-3 times. My plan has full unlimited high speed data but all of a sudden I can rarely access the internet on my phone when on the street. On top of that the bluetooth connectivity was very weak and would disconnect and reconnect every few seconds. At this point I'm completely fed up. It cost me right under $300 for my phone and it was one of the best my retailer had to offer, and now out of all the phones I've had for years, this phone is unusable. I had an emergency situation with my family that I was unable to respond to till hours later after I restarted my phone a few times when I had then got a notification about it. Fast foward to 5 months later, I've had enough with this phone and I go into multiple stores of my phone retailer and explained all of my issues and was fed a bunch of bs about it being an issue with the cell towers in my area. So they direct me to go to a samsung care center near me which I do. I go in there and the man runs a diagnostic on my phone and he tells me "There might be an issue with your motherboard, but if you had your phone for under a year all you have to do is call Samsung customer care and they'll give you what you need to ship the phone out to them and they find the probably and fix it for you at no charge at all." So I take that information and call samsung about 5 times and I explain the situation and EVERY SINGLE REP TOLD ME "Your phone is 100% covered under our warranty since you've had it for under a year" I even told one of the reps that the man at the samsung care center said it might be an issue with the motherboard and the rep told me "don't worry, you are fully covered under our warranty for anything 100%" he then went on to emailing me my ticket number and shipling label. Again I was told multiple times by a variety of reps that if there was anything wrong at all, it would be fixed and sent back to me free of charge, or that I would be given a brand new phone to take it's place. So I shipped my phone off to them and a few days later I get an email stating that my "ticket repar cost has changed" so I'm like what is that supposed to mean? I open the email and it says my total cost went from $0.00 to $468.77 or something around there so at this time I'm thinking there's got to be a mistake, I call samsung customer care and I'm connected to some call center which I'm pretty sure is in India and I'm told MULTIPLE TIMES that my phone is now out of warranty and that I have to cough up $468.77 to have my phone fixed and sent back to me. They claim there is damage to the mother board and that there is severe water damage. First of all I've never worked out with my phone or had it around ANY water at all, and now all of a sudden it magically has water damage. On top of that the mother board is damaged which always renders the phone out of warranty. They said if I refuse to pay then they will send me back my phone free of charge with no repairs done to it at all. I get further upset as I explained that multiple call center reps from your company on the same phone number told me that no matter what my phone will be covered 100%, which I'm then apologized to and consoled just get told I essentially need to pay the money or they won't do a darn thing for me. I asked for a supervisor and was apologized to for 40 minutes and was told to call back tomorrow so I can talk to the repair center and see what exactly they found and why it's out of warranty. As I continue to express my discontent all of a sudden she has a hard time hearing and keeps randomly saying "hello" or "I can't hear you sir" whenever I'm explaining my gripe. Neither her or the so called "supervisor" didn't want to be bothered with my issue clearly so I hung up the phone out of frustration. I need this issue resolved ASAP or I'm going to multiple news stations or to a physical corporate office and taking this to the next level until I get my phone back working like it should have been in the first place. I've made multiple phones calls between my phone retailer, samsung care centers, and samsung customer care directly and was told the same thing by everyone I encountered and now that I shipped off my phone I have to pay $468+ to get it back. That is not a feasible solution.


Re: Galaxy A6 Warranty Repair Scam.

Sadly there have been a large number of complaints just like yours posted throughout the forums. It sounds as if these "repair" svc techs and customer svc techs make their pay by doing this, which sadly I can believe. I've got my Note 9, Galaxy s10 plus and my Note 8 scheduled for warranty reviews and svc work I cannot accomplish with proprietary software/tools so I'll keep you posted as to what happens, if something similar occurs that tells you and myself there be some shady stuff.