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Galaxy A70 - No media sound, can't do factory reset either.


So I'm having A LOTTT of issues with my phone and I'm desperate for at least the basics. Here's a list of the issues:


1. Original samsung charger doesn't work on my phone. Works with any other phone. Because of that I have a random brand charger which sometimes charges my phone and sometimes I get 1% charge in 16 hours.


Now these below issues occurred after I got a pop-up that there was a new update available. Smiley Happy I did update the phone in hopes it will fix it but it didn't.


2. I have no media sound. Youtube, videos, movies, anything. However, I have a ringtone, an alarm and my phone has all sounds if I have headphones plugged in.

3. I know they will do a factory reset when I give it for repair so I decided to do it at home first and see if it gives me my sound back at least. I cannot "verify my email" in order to continue with the factory reset. I reset my password and it doesn't accept it even though I can login with it on desktop. I tried the "one time email" verification and after 11 tries it always says there was an error. I restarted the phone multiple times.


I cannot put the battery out and back in again because the back of this phone is sealed and they don't have the equipement for this at the stores either as a "new rule" or whatever. The phone is not even a year old yet.. 10 months.