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Galaxy Active watch 2

(Topic created on: 2/17/21 7:59 PM)
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I purchased the Galaxy active watch 2 in Dec 2019.  I alternate this watch with 2 other regular watches.  I live in FL and it’s hot.  I have never had this watch in the water or get damaged by water.  The back sensor came off and I have tried to get this thing repaired.  One service agent told me this isn’t Normal for it to happen.  Guess what, google says and shows otherwise.  I have seen picture after picture that looks just like what happened to my watch.  And they all have the same complaint.  I’m dissatisfied and disappointed that I am out $279 so quickly.  They can’t even tell me how much it would be to repair.  I. Would have to pay for shipping on top of the repair.  That’s pretty crappy customer service if you ask me.  BTW, I only own Samsung phones.  How’s that for loyalty!!!  IPHONE maybe in my future.

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