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Galaxy Buds Live not working in pocket , piece of garbage

(Topic created on: 1/21/21 4:56 PM)
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So is anyone else having problems with Galaxy Buds live not working when phone is in pocket , also 1 of the buds keeps cutting out . BAD CONNECTION  I am on my 3rd replacement pair and still the same problem . DOES SAMSUNG KNOW THIS PROBLEM AND STILL KEEP SELLING THEM if so a class action against Samsung should be arranged to teach them to get products right . I can't even put the phone besdie me without the buds losing connection . Samsung answer is send them to us and we have a look , well after trying 3 pairs I don't have any faith . They are just a garbage product . My house is all Samsung products and after my experience with the buds and the feedback this could change very quickly .


****PLEASE PLEASE someone help me regain my faith in SAMSUNG and give me a fix for this PROBLEM ****



I am operating on a fully updated S9 . 

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