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Galaxy Buds+ call and connection issues

I believe the recent Galaxy Wearable update has messed with my Galaxy Buds plus connection. I have two issues now.


1) After I received the update and made Whatsapp calls which I do a lot, my Galaxy S10 screen display keeps going dark while I am on the call. During the Whatsapp call, whenever I press the previous screen button, the screen display goes dark  and I am unable to do anything. I am not able to even end the Whatsapp call because the screen display goes dark.

How do I know it is the Galaxy Wearable issue? a) The problem started right after the Galaxy Wearable update. b) After attempting many trouble shooting steps like reinstalling the app, cleaning the Galaxy S10 cache at the OS level during boot, even factory resetting of the phone and reinstalling everything, the problem is still there. During the Whatsapp call, if I disconnect the buds plus and just use the phone to continue the Whatsapp call, it works just fine. If I reconnect the Buds plus during the call, the Whatsapp call starts acting weird with the screen problem. I tried this several times during multiple Whatsapp call and I can tell for sure that Galaxy Wearable/Buds plus connection is the problem.


2) During some of the regular, system calls on my Galaxy S10, the Buds plus get disconnected after a while on the call. Then I have to put the buds in the case, close the case, reopen it and take out the buds to reconnect and continue the call. This never happened before I recieved the Galaxy Wearable update.


Samsung needs to look into it and fix the problem. It is very annoying. Updates are supposed to fix bugs, not destroy the basic functionality of the devices.


Here are the current versions showing on my device:


Galaxy Wearable App version:

Galaxy Buds+ Plugin Version: 1.3.20061651

Eardubs Software Version: R175XXU0ATF2