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Galaxy Express 3....

(Topic created: 11-15-2022 11:40 AM)
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Need community help with an old device. It is the only way that I have access to the internet right now.

1. Have needed to unlock this Galaxy Express 3 from AT&t since 2018.

2. Have wanted to add to the internal storage of 8 gig since 2014 when I first got this phone from AT&t. The device is completely mine and AT&t is no longer providing cell service to the phone.

3. I read some tech specs online that suggested that the Express 3 is 4G compliant. Would really like a knowledgeable person to verify that.

4. I have a current need to upgrade Marshmallow to any more recent version of Android. Basically 7+ immediately.

There is no forum here exclusively to discuss supporting the Express 3.

Awaiting community comments.

I was running an app since July which recently got upgraded, but it only supports 7+. I am not scared of electronics and modding this device. I have 20 years of computer technical support, replacing motherboards, and extremely limited experience with a soldering iron.

Looking forward to any help that the community can give me on the four subtopics.

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@swbear4656 Some info:

  1. You would need to contact AT&T to unlock it. 
  2. The device has a slot for an SD card. That is the only way to add more memory. 
  3. The Galaxy J1 aka Galaxy Express 3 is 4G capable. 
  4. Lollipop was the last version of Android for that device. 
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