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Galaxy Gear S3 watch stuck on tutorial

I have a Samsung Galaxy gear S3 that I bought new almost 2 years ago.  While out one day, the watch begin to get stuck in a reboot loop. I was able to hold the power button while charging and keep the watch active long enough to initiate a reset from my phone.


Everything went well until the watch asked me to walk through the tutorial. Press the home button . Press the back button . Rotate the bezel. Place your palm over the face..... And it will never proceed past this step and this cannot be skipped. Even if you reboot it will continue to ask you to proceed through these steps.


I am able to see that there is a dead pixel at the 12:00 position on the watch face and I distinctly remember this always being where the watch icon always was to indicate thatmy phone was out of range from the watch. 


So I have a giant paperweight now that costs $80 to repair. I see a few posts from people saying that they can't get past this screen and some of these people purchased a used watch from what may have been an unethical seller and I did want to pass this on to make people aware of this issue and to find out if anyone has found a way to advance past the screen because the watch is otherwise in great condition.