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Galaxy J1 (2016) Back up to Smart Switch Please

Hi there


I want to back up my phone to my pc again using Smart Switch.  It worked in 'April this year, but now Smart Switch does not recognise my password (4 digits) for me to back it up again via PC or via App.


It just freezes at the section after I have selected what I want to back up.  It asks to set a password to protect your backup files, but it does not seem to accept my password or any new one I try to create.  It just remains at the screen with the continue in a shaded hue.


I opened another account, but it does the same thing.  I have everything on an SD card.


Can anyone assist as to how I can back up my phone now please?  I am in Australia.


Thank you   Mary@ links to members

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Galaxy J1 (2016) Back up to Smart Switch Please

I apologize but you have reached technical support for products manufactured for usage in the United States. Please visit to find your country's support page.

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