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Galaxy J3V Port melted

My wife have been very happy Samsung phone owners for over 10 years. We upgraded to a Galaxy J3V a couple years ago. Yesterday I was charging the phone in a USB port using the original cable. It had been plugged in less than an hour. When I went to unplug it I noticed an acrid smell and the phone said it was overheating. I checked the charging port and it had melted some of the plastic. I was able to turn the phone on but can no longer use the charger. What are my options for fixing the phone or does it need to be replaced? 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Galxay J3V Port melted

Thank you for reaching out. I'll be happy to look into this for you. Please send a private message with the full model code and the IMEI number of the phone.

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